Well, it’s not easy. It’s been two or three months since I’m back in Brazil and things are back to “normal”. Europe was a journey of six months and I have lots of material to post here, but I’ll leave that to time.

Blogging has always been fun to me. Writing my thoughts down has helped ease my mind since I was 8 or so, so nothing would make more sense than to make it in a way that could also help others as me. And since I started reading about philosophy and putting it to use in my life, things just kept getting more complicated – and, interestingly enough, simpler too.

Then, I started drinking. I never smoked because the idea never got to me, but I also learned not to prejugde whoever did so. But beer became my passion because, much as wine but cooler than that, it lights up all that’s good in a person, it makes life a lot more bearable and people gather in joy, not in sorrow or for status. Besides the fact that it’s a very important and beautiful part of mankind history. And that it’s good for your soul.

What the hell does that has to do with Europe?

Everything, to me at least. Since I came back, I was avoiding this post. Because something was stuck in my mind, a single and simple question: “What did you think about Europe?” It had it’s ups and downs, sunny and snowy days, but after all I was afraid to realize that it was good. Simple as that, “good”.

By “fact” I mean something of quantitative and qualitative aspects that simply exist. It’s a judgement over something that it’s not “right” or “wrong”, “good” or “bad”, but just simply exists as such and “it is what it is” – an element that possesses a reality. The subjective judgment over a fact involves the comparison of you with your line of thought on that fact (adding your logical thought, emotions, whatever resource you may use to do so – that may or may not change). For example, the clothes you wear they are made of some fabric, made by someone, in some colour, etc, that you think (judge) that look good on you and that’s why you bought them (in a very simple but nice example).

So, going to Europe was a “fact”. Had its financial cost, a winter-ish weather, oportunities, some risks, consumed some considerable time, involved lots of planning, an overall structure of daily worries that never crossed my mind, the use of different languages to survive, and eventually, me.

Well, “good” is subjective. And to judge a fact subjectively, you need to accept your reality in order to know what you think of that fact. So, that’s why it was so difficult for me to accept what Europe ment to me at this time of my life and what was my judgement over that.

After all, I got to the thought that what I thought about europe it didn’t actually matter. The thing that was stuck in my mind was way beyond that, it was to accept my “reality” (who I am, from toe to the last belief) and not Europe as a life experience. So, that’s why it took me a while to get back on track.

Learning to live it’s not that hard, but learning to live with yourself… that’s the thing.